Swords and Space V: Game of Thrones

Swords & Space Radio originally started as part of the Restoration Radio network before moving to AMDG Radio.  This episode was recorded prior to that move.

This week we will take a look at the phenomenon of A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as A Game of Thrones, a highly popular but troubling work in the view of at least one host (See N. Wansbutter’s review). We will discuss both the novels and the HBO television series with guest Brian Pauls.

Brian S. Pauls is a long-time aficionado of literature, television and movies in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He appreciates hard sf, high fantasy, space opera and gritty pulp adventure. Brian believes in watching the movie first and then reading the book because he’s less likely to be disappointed that way.He agrees with the wise man who once observed “The Golden Age of science fiction is 12.”

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