Swords and Space IV: Dredd

Swords & Space Radio originally started as part of the Restoration Radio network before moving to AMDG Radio.  This episode was recorded prior to that move.

Join Nicholas Wansbutter, Stephen Heiner, and guest Brian S. Pauls as they discuss one of the most underrated and exciting movie releases of 2012: Dredd (See N. Wansbutter’s review). Despite a poor box-office performance, Nicholas is convinced that this will later be remembered as a sci fi classic up there with Blade Runner. Tune-in to hear why.

Brian S. Pauls, president of Peraspera Consulting, L.L.C., joined us previously on our Game of Thrones show, and will again share his love and knowledge of sci-fi and fantasy for another compelling discussion.

We will be taking questions via Facebook (facebook.com/swordsandspace), email (NWansbutterEsq at gmail.com), and via phone at 949 272 9417.  Join us!

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