Wordsmith 2: A Little Yelp from My Friends

Wordsmith chronicles the art of creating meaningful content, with a particular focus on the written word, by chatting with those actually creating that content.

Today’s guests are Kay Hunter Luke and Wallace Reed Nelson, both “Elites” at the consumer-driven Yelp.com.  Both Kay and Reed have been writing on Yelp for some years now and have all kinds of interesting stories as to how “writing for free” has paid its own dividends.  Kay is an IT specialist, a former professional football player, and a lover of all kinds of food in the Kansas City area.  Reed is a salesperson by day, musician, gourmand, and amateur athlete by night.

Our host is Stephen Heiner, author of TheAmericanInParis.com and a serial entrepreneur.  You can find him @stephenheiner on Twitter.

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