Culture of Comics Issue #26 NOW!: The Wake, Dynamite Comics, Iron Metropolitan

Well folks, all good things must come to an end. ¬†With the lack of response from listeners via our listener survey and facebook page, we’ve decided to scale back our efforts to a single monthly show. ¬†This is the first show in that new format.

Hosts Jason Frazier, Chad Todd, and Stephen Heiner will be on hand to have a freewheeling discussion about:

DC’s Forever Evil

Marvel’s The Trial of Jean Grey and the current Guardians of the Galaxy Run

Dynamite’s rebooting of the Gold Key classics of Turok, Magnus, Solar, and Dr. Spektor

The latest happenings in the Lucas Draft Star Wars

The end of the most recent Daredevil book

The beginning of the final arc of Fatale

The amazing latest issue of Hawkeye

The return of the Wake

All the new Marvel #1s that we’ve got time to get into

You can find our hosts on Twitter @saintjwf, @16ctodd, and @stephenheiner, as well as @cultureofcomics and @amdgradio.

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