Culture of Comics Issue #24: To Avenge or Not to Avenge

Today we’ll be discussing the endless Avengers books, and hopefully, have a little fun along the way.


Infinity Wrap Up

Avengers/New Avengers-Marvel’s “flagship” Avenger Titles

Uncanny Avengers/Avengers AI- A look at two different Avengers teams.

The Avengers Landscape- The remainder of the Avengers titles- Secret Avengers, Young Avengers, Avengers World, Mighty Avengers, Avengers Assemble.

The Essential Avengers-  We discuss which titles are worth your time, and which can eaten by Galactus.

Jason and Stephen’s Avengers-  Your hosts play What If?  We build our own Avengers Squads in a world where only one Avengers team can exist.

and, as always, our “Picks of the Week”

The Culture of Comics has longer, meta discussions about themes and art in current runs of different books. It will often contain “spoilers” in current runs and “previews” of upcoming books.

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