The Beautiful Game #4: Steve Brisendine and Sporting Kansas City

In this episode we are going to chat with and Sporting KC beat writer Steve Brisendine.  We will discuss in a detailed manner the 2013 MLS Campaign but in general the remarkable transformation of this team from the Wizards that played in a minor league ballpark just a few years ago to the powerhouse with the expectations of trophies every campaign that characterize this team today.  You can find Steve on twitter @SteveBrisendine.

Join hosts Stephen Heiner, Per Lahti, and David Avery as we spend some time discussing Sporting KC with Steve.  We will also take questions on twitter (@TBeautifulGame).

Season 1 of The Beautiful Game will feature 4 special episodes focusing on one aspect of our show.  This is the final episode of that series.  Previous shows have focused on MLS, the BPL, and Champions League.

The Beautiful Game is a soccer podcast devoted to educating the newest fans of the world’s most popular sport.  We cover the latest news in UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Major League Soccer, and World Cup.  We believe you can understand where you are and where you are going if you understand where you came from, so we also feature interviews with soccer writers and journalists to give a broader historical perspective to current news.  We will also periodically review rules and regulations so the newer listener can bring a greater context to enjoying our favorite sport.

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